I use only the finest hardwoods and veneers. I personally hand pick the wood to assure consistency in color and grain matching. The construction of your furniture is all glued and clamped so there are no nail holes requiring any putty or filler! The only exceptions would be small brads for crown moldings.

Ventilation is always a key concern for stereo components and televisions along with wiring access. To help solve this I incorporate a 2-3 inch cavity throughout the back for both the ventilation and wiring access. There is no back in the component section so the heat can escape from the rear ( small whisper fan can also aid in this, if necessary). If a sub woofer is included, it would sit on the floor within the unit and also have no back to further add ventilation through the speaker cloth.

Lifts are also available for flat panel televisions. They can be built into a bar, entertainment center, console units or the end of a bed.